2018 Annual Conference Announced

Society for Medieval Archaeology 2018 Annual Conference

Dates: Friday 13th – Sunday 15th July 2018

Venue: Department of Archaeology and the Calman Centre, Durham University

Organisers: Kate MeesSue HarringtonSarah SempleBecky Gowland and Brian Buchanan (Durham University)

Since 1990, a series of major conferences and publications have investigated aspects of death and burial in medieval societies in Europe and beyond. Some have delivered state-of-the-art research on early medieval and medieval funerary rites; others have profiled new advances in scientific research on the human body. Throughout all, spatial consideration has emerged as a connecting research strand.

From understanding the distribution patterns of grave types and the use of antecedent landscape features for burial, to charting the rise of commemorative markers in stone, and the arrival of monastic and churchyard burial traditions; from exploring political signalling and polity formation through burial display, to identifying patterns of diseases and health in medieval populations and their mobility, the location of the grave has become a rich stepping off point, stimulating and facilitating new research directions.

This 3-day conference, sponsored by the Society for Medieval Archaeology brings together established and early career researchers working on aspects of death, dying and burial from AD 300-1500 in Britain, Ireland and further afield. Members will be able to register to attend for free. Registration for conference attendance will open on the 1st of February 2018.

Call for Papers: Deadline 30th November 2017

Confirmed speakers include: Professor Bonnie Effros (University of Liverpool), Professor Roberta Gilchrist (University of Reading), Dr Duncan Sayer (University of Central Lancashire), Dr Mary Lewis (University of Reading), Professor John Hines (Cardiff University) and Professor Christopher Knüsel (University of Exeter)

We welcome proposals or presentations or posters on new research findings, major projects and recent publications. We are particularly keen to include contributions on findings from Europe and the British Isles, AD 300-1500. Topics and themes of interest include mapping funerary rites, plotting grave attributes, interrogating monuments, sculptures and assemblages in spatial and geographic terms, using burials to explore the formation processes of medieval power and political structures and and exploring health issues, diet and mobility with the landscape in mind. Contributions dealing with changes in burial rites from the late antique to medieval worlds, and from early to late medieval society, are also welcome.

Papers will be 30 min in length. A conference publication is planned. Abstracts of no more than 200 words should be submitted by the deadline to kate.a.mees@durham.ac.uk


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Special Issue 61/3

The Society for Medieval Archaeology is delighted to announce that this year we will publish a special, online issue of Medieval Archaeology.

Issue 61/3 will be an online issue only in celebration of the 60th anniversary year. The Editor, President and Secretary are selecting a number of papers which sparked new debate or seminal discoveries from the past 60 years of content.

It will be released as a special issue with a short editorial, available online from November 2017.

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Discount on Books!

The Society for Medieval Archaeology is delighted to offer another exclusive benefit of SMA membership. All members will receive discount on Routledge publications bought through their website. Simply add the SMA code when purchasing books; you can find this code in each copy of the SMA Newsletter (beginning with Autumn 2017).

To avail of this this discount join the SMA here.

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AGM: details announced

The Annual General Meeting, usually held in late November / early December, is followed by a wine reception and the launch of the Society’s latest monographs.

In 2017 the AGM will be held at 18.30 on Friday 24th November in the Sackler Room at the British Museum, London. Please find the details here:  AGM_agenda_2017. It will be followed by three lectures on new and current research projects (at c.19.00) and finish with a wine reception (at c.20.00):

  • Prof. James Graham-Campbell: The Galloway Viking hoard: an introduction
  • Dr Dave Petts: Recent work on the early medieval monastery at Lindisfarne
  • Dr Hugh Willmott: The Black Death cemetery at Thornton Priory

This event is free for members but registration is necessary. Please indicate intention to attend through Eventbrite.


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SMA Student Colloquium 2017

We are excited to announce that this year’s Student Colloquium will be held on 1 – 2 December 2017 at Newcastle University, UK.

Submit your abstract of 150 words to medieval.archaeology@googlemail.com by 27th September 2017.

Keep up-to-date with the Colloquium news by liking the Facebook page.

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Exclusive Event: Yorkshire Museum

Behind the Scenes at Viking: Rediscover the Legend

Viking: Rediscover the Legend
Yorkshire Museum, York: 12th October 2017, 4pm
An opportunity for a guided tour of ‘Viking: Rediscover the Legend’ by one of its curators, Dr. Andrew Woods. The exhibition brings together two of the most significant Viking collections in a major new exhibition. Featuring some of the most exciting Anglo-Saxon and Viking discoveries ever made, the exhibition explores how the Vikings transformed life in Britain.
Alongside outstanding objects, the exhibition includes a ground-breaking Virtual Reality reconstruction of the army camp at Torksey, Lincs. This builds upon the research of Prof. Dawn Hadley, who will speak about her work at the site.
Following the tour there is the opportunity to attend Dr. Steve Ashby’s paper ‘Of Locks and Socks: aspects of everyday life in Viking towns’.
The tour will begin at 4pm. Please contact Andrew Woods (Andrew.Woods@ymt.org.uk), for details and to register your intention to attend. There is no charge for this event.

Yorkshire Museum

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